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Randal Schrader

Owner & Founder 

Randal Schrader, “The Trucker”
Owner & Founder 

Born into a farming and trucking family, I began trucking legally in ‘77. It gives me great pleasure in creating this service as my way of paying it forward and saying thank you to all the truckers on the road. 

Over the years I’ve been stranded with a broken belt, a blown water line and, my personal favorite, a turkey through my windshield!

Each time a trucker, usually more than one, would stop to help. If the trucker had it (and they usually did) they would not only give you the part but would fix it for you too! Attempt to thank them, or give them money and you’d just hear the words, “Put your money away.” The truckers would always stay until you built up air and started to jam gears.

Thank You Truckers! 
Randy Schrader

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Tamara Marshall, MSML

Head Consultant & Owner

Tamara Marshall, “The Trucker’s Best Friend”
Owner & Founder

My first job as a young teenager was hanging drywall and learning to mask & tape for my Dad’s painting business. Later on I learned how to invoice customers for his business and enter payments. This is where I discovered my love for numbers. 

I took Accounting courses in High School because it was a way to satisfy required math credits for graduation without having to do “actual math”. Little did I know I had unknowingly stepped into what would be my future career. After High School, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Masters degree while bringing four beautiful children into the world. 

When I’m not working, you’ll find me at the baseball, softball, or soccer field cheering on any one of my kiddos. 

I love my family, my country, and I’m honored to support the hardworking Truckers that keep our country running. Without you we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the many luxuries we take for granted every day. It is truly my privilege to use my accounting skills to serve you. 

Thank you Truckers! 
Tamara Marshall

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